Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Praise Report.....

As some of you know that we got back from Arizona on Saturday. The trip was a success and ran very smoothly. We want to thank everyone who helped get us their either by prayer, financially and or helping us get connected with amazing resources.  We cannot express the love and thanks we have for all of you for being such a large part of God's amazing plan.  Without all of you and without God this would not be possible, "...for all things are possible with God." MK 10:27.  I knew I wanted to update the blog immediately after we returned from Arizona because the Dr.'s told us that the waiting list just jumped from a year and a half wait time to possible 3 years for a kidney/pancreas but if we were to find a donor for just a kidney it would be better to do so right away because Don's body needs one now!  So not only was I asking for people to donate money but we had to ask them for a KIDNEY! Are you serious LOL   but something kept telling me to wait. I was going to update last night but still didn't feel it was the right time yet and now I know why.

Don received a phone call this morning from a man in Deer park that wants to donate one of his kidneys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Praise Jesus)  We don't know this man but he felt lead by the Holy Spirit after reading our blog online to reach out to us and tell us he was willing to donate to us. He is the same blood type as Don and is in great health. He reassured us that he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs. He informed us that he was going to donate his kidney to a friend of his that he knew that was on dialysis for 8 years but passed away before he was able to donate his kidney.

Last night at my children's ministry that I help out with for Women's bible study, they wanted Don and I to say a few words to the women's group about our situation because they have all been praying for us and graciously donated money to our cause. They prayed for us and layed hands on us for Don to be healed and for God's will to be done. PRAISE GOD FOR HE HEALS THE SICK!!!!!  God is doing a marvelous work in our lives and he is showing us everyday new ways of how much he loves us and that we are his beloved children!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Blessings....

Sorry we haven't updated but God's been working and I'm here now to tell you what Gods done :)

Blessing 1:
We leave for Arizona for Don's testing to stay on the transplant list on Tuesday the 12th. We have been praying and trusting like crazy that God would provide a way for us to be able to go down their.
A wonderful lady Don and I both know from our Church (Life Center North) knows a lady who works for the airlines and she gets 10 free tickets a year. This lady name Stephanie who we don't know graciously gave up 4 of her tickets so we can fly to Arizona and back. Stephanie's family lives in Orange County and she uses these to be able to see her family and for them to fly up and see her. This was a sacrifice she made and we are forever grateful for that :) 

Blessing 2:
We have received 11 donations so far and with that we were able to book our hotel in Arizona. We were able to book the hotel in time to call Don's dialysis solution warehouse and have them send all of his supplies that we are unable to bring on the plane to the hotel. They normal need a 2 week window to be able to do this but they made a exception for us as long as we got the "OK" from his dialysis nurse and she approved it!!!!  Thank You all who have donated and have prayed for us! We need help and we couldn't do this alone.

And finally Blessing Number 3.... KXLY Channel 4 came to our house last night and interviewed us. They plan to do a story on us and ask the community for help with us raising money for Don's transplant. I wasn't the biggest fan about being on camera, I'm more of a behind the scenes type girl but I know this will help get our story out and I am willing to do whatever it is that God wants me to do!

~I was asked awhile ago by my sister Shannon, who I tend to relate to in the bible. I told her Moses. No I never killed anyone but I was lost in the desert for a long time. Not because I didn't know who God was but I was ashamed of the things I did and I thought hiding from God was going to work. LOL I never thought God was going to be able to use such a broken person with none else but a stuttering problem. More and more I grew closer to God and he slowly revealed himself to me and showed me what my gifts were and I could use them with his help. I know now that I am nothing without him and I feel the strongest when God is with me. I still have problems like everyone else but now I am secure in knowing when these tsunami's come into my life, they feel more like small tidal waves. I am able to endure much more with the Holy Spirit within me then trying to rely on my own strength!  Thank you all

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alittle update....

Every year Don and I have to go to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona so Don can get tested and stay on the Transplant list. They do blood work and check his antibodies cardio testing (checking his heart) consult with the surgeon and transplant team. They go over all the tests and they decide whether he is still a candidate for the transplant.

 We struggle everyday to keep his numbers good. He gets tested here in Spokane at his dialysis clinic Davita to see how his Protein, Albumin, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus is and if its too high or too low.If these numbers are bad they can affect his transplant eligibility.  Honestly since he started his medical leave they have got alot better. Juggling work and taking the proper steps to take care of himself was a struggle. We know now that him being put on medical leave was a blessing despite our enormous struggle financially. 
 Our annual trip to Arizona is coming up mid February. We have been praying every which way for God to open a door for us financially so we can take this trip. We even though with Don taking his medical leave from work that somehow with the insurance transfer that we would be able to magically be able to go to Washington State University in Seattle. His primary Insurance only covers Hospitals of Excellence and Seattle is out of network.

We were suppose to go to Arizona in December but we didn't have the money so we asked them if we could push it off until January, hoping our financial strain would lighten up. January came along and again we had to call them to push it off, This time they weren't too happy with us and they told us we must keep our next appt. or they weren't going to be able to keep us on the Transplant list. 

This fundraiser is a huge stretch of faith for us. We personally don't like asking for money, nobody likes to feel needy, but we have all been their before. We all have reached out asking for something in one way or another. We are not just asking for donations but for God to give us a clear vision of the next step in which he would like us to go. We have complete faith that God will provide for our every need because that is a promise he has made to us. We also know that he has been their for us every step of the way. When Don first got diagnosed with Kidney failure I was jobless and Don had been 2 months into his new job with no health benefit's. We don't have children so getting state health benefit's for us wasn't an option at that time. But still he made everything possible. God worked it all for our good. He never forsakes us in our darkest hour and he always provided a way. I have complete confidence that whatever he sees fitting, its going to be good. I don't have all the answers right now and I still don't know how we will book our flight coming up in 2 weeks for Arizona but I will cling to the promises and I will trust him above all circumstance's. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Story......

 My name is Donald White Jr. I am a candidate for a kidney/pancreas transplant. On June 16, 2011 I was diagnosed with End stage Renal Failure (kidney Failure).  Since receiving a diagnosis of renal failure I have been doing peritoneal dialysis at home 9 hours daily. After undergoing a comprehensive medical evaluation I am now on the kidney/pancreas transplant list a The Mayo Clinic hospital in Phoenix Arizona.

I am the husband of a very loving and beautiful wife. Brandi and the Lord give me strength everyday to fight this battle everyday. I am Christian and member of Life Center North Church here in Spokane WA.

At times like this, the support of family, friends and the community is crucial to help ensure a successful outcome. I am looking to all of you for help. Not just financial but with love and support for me and my wife. We know God will help us and lead us without fail. We know by our struggles God wants to be glorified in all this. We want people to know that Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is and has and always will be The way, The truth and The light!  Everyday is a huge struggle but we always put a smile on our faces and put on the amour of God to help protect us for what he has in store for us that day. Its never easy for us but It helps us to know that we have such a loving, gracious God that Loves us so much that he gives us such challenges to help us grow and to be blessed enough to have such a testimony to be able to tell others about what the Lord has done for us!

I am starting a fundraising campaign in my honor to help with the expenses.  All donations will be administered for transplant related expenses only.

Thank you for your Support....

Don and Brandi White

If you would like to contact me directly my Phone number is (509) 869-0674
My Email Address is
My wifes Email is

Friday, January 25, 2013

Here We Go.....

So we are a little late getting started but we are trying to plan for Don's upcoming transplant. As many of you know Don has struggled with diabetes since he was 14. In the last couple of years this has really started to take a toll on his body. We were informed about 1-1/2 years' ago that he would need both a kidney and pancreas transplant. We were informed that to do this we would have to go to Arizona. Which is really pretty scary. At a moments notice we need to be able to pack up and jump on a plane and be gone for at least 3 months. Obviously flying to Arizona at a moments notice does not really equate with "planning".

Due to his deteriorating condition, Don has been unable to continue working. My own hours at work have been very scarce. So after much prayer and numerous talks with God we have felt led to begin this blog and pray that some of you are able to help with these expenses. And prayers!! We can always use prayer in these difficult times.
We are estimating about $20,000.00 in expenses for this to happen. Anyway you can help is very appreciated.

 We really just want to thank you all for looking at this page and for any help you feel led to give. I will be updating this periodically to try and keep you all informed.

Once again God Bless and Thank You all!

If you would like to send a Cash/Check Donation please Email or contact us by phone and we will send our address to you for that.