Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Blessings....

Sorry we haven't updated but God's been working and I'm here now to tell you what Gods done :)

Blessing 1:
We leave for Arizona for Don's testing to stay on the transplant list on Tuesday the 12th. We have been praying and trusting like crazy that God would provide a way for us to be able to go down their.
A wonderful lady Don and I both know from our Church (Life Center North) knows a lady who works for the airlines and she gets 10 free tickets a year. This lady name Stephanie who we don't know graciously gave up 4 of her tickets so we can fly to Arizona and back. Stephanie's family lives in Orange County and she uses these to be able to see her family and for them to fly up and see her. This was a sacrifice she made and we are forever grateful for that :) 

Blessing 2:
We have received 11 donations so far and with that we were able to book our hotel in Arizona. We were able to book the hotel in time to call Don's dialysis solution warehouse and have them send all of his supplies that we are unable to bring on the plane to the hotel. They normal need a 2 week window to be able to do this but they made a exception for us as long as we got the "OK" from his dialysis nurse and she approved it!!!!  Thank You all who have donated and have prayed for us! We need help and we couldn't do this alone.

And finally Blessing Number 3.... KXLY Channel 4 came to our house last night and interviewed us. They plan to do a story on us and ask the community for help with us raising money for Don's transplant. I wasn't the biggest fan about being on camera, I'm more of a behind the scenes type girl but I know this will help get our story out and I am willing to do whatever it is that God wants me to do!

~I was asked awhile ago by my sister Shannon, who I tend to relate to in the bible. I told her Moses. No I never killed anyone but I was lost in the desert for a long time. Not because I didn't know who God was but I was ashamed of the things I did and I thought hiding from God was going to work. LOL I never thought God was going to be able to use such a broken person with none else but a stuttering problem. More and more I grew closer to God and he slowly revealed himself to me and showed me what my gifts were and I could use them with his help. I know now that I am nothing without him and I feel the strongest when God is with me. I still have problems like everyone else but now I am secure in knowing when these tsunami's come into my life, they feel more like small tidal waves. I am able to endure much more with the Holy Spirit within me then trying to rely on my own strength!  Thank you all

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