Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Story......

 My name is Donald White Jr. I am a candidate for a kidney/pancreas transplant. On June 16, 2011 I was diagnosed with End stage Renal Failure (kidney Failure).  Since receiving a diagnosis of renal failure I have been doing peritoneal dialysis at home 9 hours daily. After undergoing a comprehensive medical evaluation I am now on the kidney/pancreas transplant list a The Mayo Clinic hospital in Phoenix Arizona.

I am the husband of a very loving and beautiful wife. Brandi and the Lord give me strength everyday to fight this battle everyday. I am Christian and member of Life Center North Church here in Spokane WA.

At times like this, the support of family, friends and the community is crucial to help ensure a successful outcome. I am looking to all of you for help. Not just financial but with love and support for me and my wife. We know God will help us and lead us without fail. We know by our struggles God wants to be glorified in all this. We want people to know that Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is and has and always will be The way, The truth and The light!  Everyday is a huge struggle but we always put a smile on our faces and put on the amour of God to help protect us for what he has in store for us that day. Its never easy for us but It helps us to know that we have such a loving, gracious God that Loves us so much that he gives us such challenges to help us grow and to be blessed enough to have such a testimony to be able to tell others about what the Lord has done for us!

I am starting a fundraising campaign in my honor to help with the expenses.  All donations will be administered for transplant related expenses only.

Thank you for your Support....

Don and Brandi White

If you would like to contact me directly my Phone number is (509) 869-0674
My Email Address is
My wifes Email is

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