Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alittle update....

Every year Don and I have to go to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona so Don can get tested and stay on the Transplant list. They do blood work and check his antibodies cardio testing (checking his heart) consult with the surgeon and transplant team. They go over all the tests and they decide whether he is still a candidate for the transplant.

 We struggle everyday to keep his numbers good. He gets tested here in Spokane at his dialysis clinic Davita to see how his Protein, Albumin, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus is and if its too high or too low.If these numbers are bad they can affect his transplant eligibility.  Honestly since he started his medical leave they have got alot better. Juggling work and taking the proper steps to take care of himself was a struggle. We know now that him being put on medical leave was a blessing despite our enormous struggle financially. 
 Our annual trip to Arizona is coming up mid February. We have been praying every which way for God to open a door for us financially so we can take this trip. We even though with Don taking his medical leave from work that somehow with the insurance transfer that we would be able to magically be able to go to Washington State University in Seattle. His primary Insurance only covers Hospitals of Excellence and Seattle is out of network.

We were suppose to go to Arizona in December but we didn't have the money so we asked them if we could push it off until January, hoping our financial strain would lighten up. January came along and again we had to call them to push it off, This time they weren't too happy with us and they told us we must keep our next appt. or they weren't going to be able to keep us on the Transplant list. 

This fundraiser is a huge stretch of faith for us. We personally don't like asking for money, nobody likes to feel needy, but we have all been their before. We all have reached out asking for something in one way or another. We are not just asking for donations but for God to give us a clear vision of the next step in which he would like us to go. We have complete faith that God will provide for our every need because that is a promise he has made to us. We also know that he has been their for us every step of the way. When Don first got diagnosed with Kidney failure I was jobless and Don had been 2 months into his new job with no health benefit's. We don't have children so getting state health benefit's for us wasn't an option at that time. But still he made everything possible. God worked it all for our good. He never forsakes us in our darkest hour and he always provided a way. I have complete confidence that whatever he sees fitting, its going to be good. I don't have all the answers right now and I still don't know how we will book our flight coming up in 2 weeks for Arizona but I will cling to the promises and I will trust him above all circumstance's. 

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