Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Praise Report.....

As some of you know that we got back from Arizona on Saturday. The trip was a success and ran very smoothly. We want to thank everyone who helped get us their either by prayer, financially and or helping us get connected with amazing resources.  We cannot express the love and thanks we have for all of you for being such a large part of God's amazing plan.  Without all of you and without God this would not be possible, "...for all things are possible with God." MK 10:27.  I knew I wanted to update the blog immediately after we returned from Arizona because the Dr.'s told us that the waiting list just jumped from a year and a half wait time to possible 3 years for a kidney/pancreas but if we were to find a donor for just a kidney it would be better to do so right away because Don's body needs one now!  So not only was I asking for people to donate money but we had to ask them for a KIDNEY! Are you serious LOL   but something kept telling me to wait. I was going to update last night but still didn't feel it was the right time yet and now I know why.

Don received a phone call this morning from a man in Deer park that wants to donate one of his kidneys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Praise Jesus)  We don't know this man but he felt lead by the Holy Spirit after reading our blog online to reach out to us and tell us he was willing to donate to us. He is the same blood type as Don and is in great health. He reassured us that he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs. He informed us that he was going to donate his kidney to a friend of his that he knew that was on dialysis for 8 years but passed away before he was able to donate his kidney.

Last night at my children's ministry that I help out with for Women's bible study, they wanted Don and I to say a few words to the women's group about our situation because they have all been praying for us and graciously donated money to our cause. They prayed for us and layed hands on us for Don to be healed and for God's will to be done. PRAISE GOD FOR HE HEALS THE SICK!!!!!  God is doing a marvelous work in our lives and he is showing us everyday new ways of how much he loves us and that we are his beloved children!

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  1. So is the kidney still coming from this man?