Friday, January 25, 2013

Here We Go.....

So we are a little late getting started but we are trying to plan for Don's upcoming transplant. As many of you know Don has struggled with diabetes since he was 14. In the last couple of years this has really started to take a toll on his body. We were informed about 1-1/2 years' ago that he would need both a kidney and pancreas transplant. We were informed that to do this we would have to go to Arizona. Which is really pretty scary. At a moments notice we need to be able to pack up and jump on a plane and be gone for at least 3 months. Obviously flying to Arizona at a moments notice does not really equate with "planning".

Due to his deteriorating condition, Don has been unable to continue working. My own hours at work have been very scarce. So after much prayer and numerous talks with God we have felt led to begin this blog and pray that some of you are able to help with these expenses. And prayers!! We can always use prayer in these difficult times.
We are estimating about $20,000.00 in expenses for this to happen. Anyway you can help is very appreciated.

 We really just want to thank you all for looking at this page and for any help you feel led to give. I will be updating this periodically to try and keep you all informed.

Once again God Bless and Thank You all!

If you would like to send a Cash/Check Donation please Email or contact us by phone and we will send our address to you for that.


  1. If my sister in law with bone-marrow cancer can raise $200,000 in 2 months, or less, then I think God can definitely provide you guys with $20,000 in expenses!! I'm praying, and passing this on!!

  2. Wow!!! That was very inspiring! Thank you for sharing that. And thank you for passing this on :) I remind myself everyday that all things are possible with God! Its so good to see the body of Christ stand up and help us! We are truely grateful.